Watch: Taliban Appears to Raid Top Afghan General’s Home

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The Taliban* currently controls more than two-thirds of Afghanistan as the militant group is closing in on the capital Kabul amid reports that the city may soon fall.

Taliban militants have invaded the palatial home of General Rashid Dostum, a top Afghan warlord and former vice president, as well as a key US ally during America’s nearly 20-year campaign against the terrorist group.

On Saturday, videos emerged online appearing to show the insurgents lounging on Dostum’s gold furniture and inspecting a golden tea set amid reports that the general had escaped and is in “a safe place now”.

His home is located in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city that was seized by the Taliban on Saturday. This was followed by unverified claims of the terrorists fighting government forces on the outskirts of the capital Kabul.

The developments unfold as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani pledged to prevent “further instability” in his country in the face of the Taliban’s ongoing offensive.

He also said that the government had begun “extensive consultations [on the situation in Afghanistan] at home and abroad” and that the results “will be shared with the public soon”.

The Afghan president expressed hope that the international community will “stand in support” of Kabul’s efforts to stop the violence.

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