Taliban Might Have Declared Independence of Afghanistan But Challenges Still Abound

The group that controls the war-torn country seeks the recognition of the international community to secure funds that would keep the economy afloat. They also need to curb the threat of Daesh* and make sure that the radicals within its own ranks are not rearing their heads.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban*, an Islamic group that seized control of the country in mid-August, say they are delaying the formation of their new government by several days, as they battle the last pocket of resistance. 

On Saturday, their forces clashed with the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan in the northern province of Panjshir, and reports suggest that the former managed to establish a full control over their territory. 

Seeking Funds 

But Fahim Sadat, Head of the International Relations Department at Kardan University in Kabul, who recently fled the country, says the Taliban will need to overcome many other challenges other than just curbing the threat of resistance.

The main such challenge is the Taliban’s need for legitimacy and recognition.

Afghanistan has been reliant on foreign aid from 2002, after the US took over the country and ended the first period of Taliban rule, that has been in place since 1996.

Over the years, the international community has poured tens of billions into the Afghan economy, something that had a positive impact on the country’s business atmosphere and trade. But it came at a price. To get the money, the government needed to battle corruption and…

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