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    Sweden Reclaims Its Daesh Women and Children Deported From Syria


    Both local prison authorities and Swedish officials emphasised the near-impossibility to prosecute Daesh* women due to a lack of evidence or legal basis.

    Three Swedish Daesh women together with six of their children will be deported from the al-Hol camp in northern , according to national Swedish broadcaster .

    They constitute the first batch of Swedish women to be expelled from the Kurdish-run camp. A delegation from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on site in Syria to receive the women.

    The expulsions are expected to take place in small groups. A total of 26 children will be accepted, but how many of the 18 Swedish women will be deported is so far unclear, as at least two of the women at the al-Hol camp have reportedly refused to go to .

    The camp authorities, which have long urged Sweden to take home their Daesh women, believe there is not enough evidence to prosecute the women. Earlier in summer, therefore, the decision to deport them was made. Overall, the camp authorities still hold about 11,000 Daesh prisoners from around the world. The camp has been described as a “mini-caliphate” and a hotbed of indoctrination and terrorism.

    According to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country has an obligation to receive its citizens who cannot be prosecuted. The deportees will be received in an organised manner and will be met by a team including the police, migration agencies, medical staff and social services. The women will then be…

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