Thursday, November 26, 2020
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‘Must Leave’: Iran Slams Presence of US Forces in Syria, Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

Middle East05:20 GMT 26.11.2020(updated 05:21 GMT 26.11.2020) In October 2019, President Donald Trump announced that the US would be withdrawing its forces...

BTS Military Service Act: K-pop Phenomenon Can Change the Law

Asia & Pacific02:47 GMT 26.11.2020(updated 02:54 GMT 26.11.2020) The South Korean Defense Commission passed a revision to the law on military conscription,...

Swedish Opposition Demands Answers About Alleged US Espionage Against Country

Europe06:12 GMT 26.11.2020According to a whistleblower report, the US intelligence service NSA, with the help of its Danish counterpart, spied on targets in...