‘Humiliating Final Act’: Taliban’s Triumph in Afghanistan Amid Hasty US Exit Dominates World Press

On Sunday, the Taliban* entered the Afghan capital Kabul which was followed by President Ashraf Ghani announcing his resignation and leaving the country. He attributed his decision to the desire to prevent violence as the terrorists were allegedly ready to carry out an attack on the city.

Western media outlets have been forthright when reporting the rapid seizure of Kabul by Taliban militants who managed to occupy almost the whole of Afghanistan before entering the capital.

On 6 August, the insurgents took Lashkargah, the administrative centre of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, and ten days later, they captured Kabul. Earlier, a US intelligence assessment suggested that the Afghan government could collapse about six months after the US troop withdrawal.

The militants’ offensive came against the backdrop of US and NATO troops withdrawing from Afghanistan, in line with a peace deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban in early 2020.

Most western media outlets reacted to Sunday’s events by publishing articles with catchy headlines that focused on the collapse of the Afghan government, President Ashraf Ghani’s resignation, and the insurgents entering his residence.

President Ghani Fleeing Afghanistan  

The Washington Post writes in its editorial that “the takeover of the sprawling capital city had been years in the making, but was ultimately accomplished in a single day”.

The newspaper was echoed by The New York Times (NYT) which claimed that “Kabul’s sudden…

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