Former Danish Ministers on Afghanistan Efforts: ‘Predictable Tragedy, Defeat, Failed Project’


According to Denmark’s former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller, the Taliban’s takeover may signal the defeat of western values in the country, where all progress may soon be eradicated in what historian Claus Bundgård described as a “descent into barbarism”.

Several former Danish ministers and historians have addressed the Taliban* takeover as a major failure of the western world, signalling the futility of the decades-long involvement in Afghanistan.

According to historian Claus Bundgård of Roskilde University, there is no doubt that future researchers will see the almost 20-year effort in Afghanistan that came to an abrupt and panic-stricken end as “a defeat and a failed project”, Danish Radio reported.

Mogens Lykketoft, who was Denmark’s foreign minister at the time of al-Qaeda’s* 9/11 terrorist attack against America, which spurred the US into entering Afghanistan in 2001, called the result “a predictable tragedy”.

“I don’t think we’ll be pressured into that kind of warfare again, yet I don’t think that the Americans will get rid of it”, Lykketoft mused about the repercussions of the West’s inglorious defeat and whether Denmark will contribute its soldiers once again. “We must participate if the UN asks us to, and it is a peacekeeping mission”, he admitted.

Per Stig Møller, his successor, admitted that the effort ended badly for Denmark as well as for the entire coalition.

“This is, of course, a military defeat. There is no doubt about…

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