IRGC Chief Says Israel’s ‘Security Bubble Has Burst’ Amid String of Mysterious Security Incidents

Middle East

Tehran has repeatedly threatened to “exact revenge” against israel following last year’s murder of a senior nuclear scientist and last month’s sabotage of a nuclear enrichment plant, stressing it will retaliate “at a time and place of its choosing”. israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in these incidents.

The recent string of serious and inexplicable security disasters befalling Israel is an indication that the country’s “national security bubble has burst”, with Tel Aviv suffering decay and the prospect of collapse from within, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has claimed.

The reality, Salami suggested, was more sobering, with a string of security incidents in recent weeks involving Israeli commercial shipping demonstrating Tel Aviv’s vulnerabilities and showing that it is “very easy” for the country’s maritime trade to “suffer serious obstruction”.

This proof that the security bubble has burst has also been shown via last month’s explosion at an Israeli rocket factory, the recent Haifa oil refinery fire, the reported attack on a Mossad safehouse in Iraq, a string of cyberattacks targeting Israeli firms and the Syrian missile explosion just 40 km from Israel’s sensitive Dimona nuclear facility, Salami claimed. The commander derisively dismissed Israeli claims that the rocket factory blast was a…

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