Ivan Duque ‘Bleeding’ Colombia as History of State Violence Persists Over Decades, Spokeswoman Says

Latin America

An organisation representing indigenous women in Bolivia has slammed state violence against protestors in colombia in a statement. The comments follow a major rally in Trafalgar Square last week supporting Colombians protesting a contentious tax reform law from the country’s central government.

Colombian president Ivan Duque and former president Alvaro Uribe should stop killing protestors as well as acting on behalf of foreign interests, a spokesperson for the Bartolina Sisa Resistance movement in the United Kingdom said this week.

According to Miriam Amancay Colque, a spokeswoman for the movement, the Duque and Uribe governments were a “puppet for the [United States] and its corporate grab” for resources in Latin America.

Colombians were rallying against the government’s 15 April tax reform bill, which had been withdrawn amid public pressure, but Bogota had continued its repressions by burning houses, deploying tanks and helicopters and shooting residents, among others, she said.

Historical Ties To State Violence in the Colombian Armed Conflict

Speaking on historical state violence against Colombians, she noted over 6,400 people were killed by the Colombian army in its war against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of colombia (FARC) from 2002 to 2010, adding thousands were falsely designated collateral damage, or ‘false positives’, with many soldiers being awarded promotions and other incentives.


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