Iran’s Sole Jewish MP Calls on Followers of Monotheistic Faiths Worldwide to ‘Stand Up’ to Israel

Despite the hostile relationship between Tehran and Tel Aviv which has existed since 1979, Iran remains home to the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside israel itself, with the minority enjoying religious protections, a reserved seat in parliament, and the right to make Sabbath wine in a country which otherwise prohibits alcohol.

Dr. Siyamak More Sedgh, the lone Jewish member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly – Iran’s parliament, has called on all Monotheistic believers around the world to stand up to the “Zionist regime.”

The lawmaker made the comments on International Quds Day, the Iran-led campaign of demonstrations and protests across the Muslim world aimed at showing solidarity with Palestinians and opposition to israel.

“Quds Day is not just for the Palestinian people, but for all the oppressed people of the world,” More Sedgh suggested, adding that Israel was acting as the representative of the United States in the Middle East and trying to impose America’s will on the region’s oppressed peoples.

Earlier Friday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Israel a “terrorist garrison” and said it was the “collective responsibility” and duty of all followers of the Prophet Muhammad to fight against it.

More Sedgh is a medical doctor by training who has served as a lawmaker in the Iranian parliament’s specially reserved seat for the Jewish minority since 2008. Israeli media have derisively referred to him as

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