‘It’s Not True’: Biden Denies Afghanistan Will Mirror Taliban Rule Prior to 2001 US Invasion


Over the last several days, US President Joe Biden has come under fire for the chaotic scenes unfolding in the Afghan capital of Kabul following the swift takeover by the Taliban. The American president had previously shot down claims that the militant group would manage to “overrun” Afghanistan as it has since done.

US President Joe Biden has rejected claims that Afghanistan will mirror what the Central Asian nation looked like prior to the US-led invasion that was undertaken shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

Biden’s comments came during an exclusive interview on Wednesday between the American president and ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos. The pair touched on a variety of issues, but kept the main focus on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the dramatic scenes that have been emerging from the area.

Addressing the looming 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Biden stood firm and blasted claims that Afghanistan would go back to how it looked prior to the US invasion, saying that such stances were simply “not true.”

“We went there for two reasons, George. Two reasons. One, to get bin Laden, and two, to wipe out as best we could, and we did, the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We did it,” he added, before acknowledging that the US mission in the war-torn nation subsequently shifted to “nation building.”

The US launched its invasion of Afghanistan in…

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