Taliban Perceives ‘Hasty’ Withdrawal of American Troops From Afghanistan as ‘Victory’, Media Claims


Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who was installed following the expulsion of the Taliban* from Kabul, has harshly criticised the US and NATO for failing to eradicate terrorists in the country over the last two decades. He argued that western nations are leaving Afghanistan “in total disgrace and disaster”.

The view of American troops packing their things as they prepare to leave Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of war is apparently a sight for sore Taliban eyes. The group, which has been fighting against NATO forces for the last two decades, is treating this moment as their victory in the lengthy fight, The Daily Beast has reported citing a Taliban* media official.

According to media reports, the Taliban* is already making use of the situation. While the US hands over its military bases to Kabul’s forces, the group’s troops are reportedly taking over some of the now-unguarded districts and provinces. Apparently, the Afghan security forces have so far been unable to stop their progression.

No less cheerful are Taliban* members about the way American troops are leaving the country – without parades or at least some fanfare signifying the end of the decades-long deployment, The Daily Beast reports. What might be an attempt to avoid bad press (which has not been in short supply lately) related to the withdrawal, is reportedly perceived by the Taliban* as a sign of admitting defeat.

Former Afghan President Castigates US, NATO Over Failure to…

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