Bellingcat Nailed in Russia Spoof

It was a typical media operation to smear Russia that was seeded by Bellingcat, the self-styled online “independent investigation” group that in reality is a front for Western intelligence agencies.

For those able to discern, there were giveaway hallmarks of lots of sensational drama and innuendo of sinister plotting by the Kremlin. But, as usual, no hard facts to back it up. 

We’re talking about the alleged meddling by Russia in the Catalan referendum for independence in 2017. Moscow was accused of colluding with pro-independence campaigners to swing the vote for the region to secede from Spain. It was even alleged that Russia was preparing to invade the breakaway northern region with 10,000 troops. 

Turns out though that the whole story was a hoax, as reported this week here. 

Spanish state prosecutors looked into the claims and determined that there was “no factual basis” and thus dismissed the case. 

Unfortunately, however, the news about the prosecution collapsing has been hushed up by Spanish and other Western media. The initial headlines blaring out about Russian meddling have left the public with the false impression that the Kremlin was interfering in yet another Western democracy.

Note how Western governments and media casually and routinely accuse Moscow of “interfering” in their politics. At the summit of the US-led NATO military alliance last week, Russia was accused over and over again of “threatening” Western security and “order”….

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