Israeli General Claims Iran Has Been Waiting for Natanz Attack ‘for 20 Years’ – Report

Middle East

Tehran has accused Israel of being behind the incident at its uranium enrichment plant, identifying it as an act of nuclear terrorism. Israel, as usual, has neither denied nor confirmed the accusation. However, US media have reported, citing sources, that Tel-Aviv was behind the nuclear blackout.

The former head of Israeli military intelligence, Gen. Amos Yadlin, shared in an interview with CNBC News on Saturday that stopping Iran’s nuclear program will be much harder than earlier efforts taken against Iraq and Syria.

According to Yadlin, Iran’s nuclear program is “much more fortified and dispersed”, while its neighbors’ nuclear facilities were located in certain solitary places. Tehran also has “dozens” of nuclear facilities, with many of them underground.

Moreover, Yadlin was not sure if Israeli intelligence was aware of all details of Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has learned from what we have done but we have also learned from what we have done and now we have more capabilities,” Yadlin went on to say.

According to media reports, despite the fact that Vienna talks on the potential revival of the 2015 Iran deal are in full swing, Israeli military planners have their own tasks for containing Iran, which includes continuing the so-called “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran introduced by the former US administration, (harsh sanctions, in the first place), bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities and…

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