Attack on US-Coalition Base in Iraq Cannot be Used as Pretext for Foreign Ops on Its Soil – Baghdad

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US military officials previously claimed that they had notified Iraqi authorities of an impending airstrike on the positions of Iraqi-based paramilitary groups in retaliation for 11 March attacks on the Camp Taji military base.

The Iraqi military has cautioned the US and other foreign forces against taking any military action in Iraq without the government’s approval, adding that recent missile strikes against the Camp Taji military base can’t serve as a pretext for unauthorised actions. The military has also called on all foreign forces to fulfil the demands of an earlier non-binding resolution by the country’s parliament and withdraw from Iraq.

The country’s military also promised to investigate the circumstances of 14 March missile attacks on the Camp Taji military base that left several Iraqi servicemen critically injured. They stated that the launch site along with 24 unused missiles was found in an area close to the base and vowed to arrest those responsible for the attack.

Attack on US-led Coalition’s Military Base in Iraq

At least 10 Katyusha rockets struck the Camp Taji military base, which houses foreign troops, on Saturday, Al-Jazeera reported. The US-led coalition’s spokesman, Myles Caggins, elaborated that three coalition troops and two Iraqi servicemen were injured as a result of the rocket strike and added that a probe into the attack is ongoing. 

This was the second attack on the base…

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