Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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War Pigs: ‘Forbidden’ Bacon Sparks Swine Pest Alarm During NATO Drill in Norway

Even a limited outbreak of swine pest, a highly contagious disease common in pigs, could cost the Scandinavian nation $240 million, veterinarians said.Behind the...

European MP Lashes Out at Merkel, Blaming Her for EU ‘Collapse’

Europe10:43 14.11.2018The German Chancellor addressed the European Parliament with a speech on the bloc’s future and called for unity and the need to look...

Trump Administration Lost Track of Some Ex-Gitmo Prisoners

US22:22 13.11.2018US President Donald Trump’s punch at former President Barack Obama’s Guantanamo Bay policy has resulted in US officials losing track of where ex-Gitmo...