French Military Claims ‘a Civil War is Brewing’ in France


In late April, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French party National Rally, stressed that the government should focus on more serious issues, including targeted violence against police, rather than dealing with retired military figures warning about a possible “civil war” in the country. The latter had earlier prompted an uproar from officials.

French servicemen on active duty have supported an appeal by the country’s former military personnel, who recently prompted an uproar from the authorities by warning about a possible “civil war” in france due to lax security and counter-extremism policies.

In an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron published by the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles on Sunday, the servicemen, whose names were not disclosed, noted that the nation’s “elders are fighters who deserve to be respected”.

The servicemen said they “see violence in our towns and villages” and that they also see “hatred for france and its history becoming the norm”.

The warning comes after Valeurs Actuelles published an open letter, signed by over 1,000 military personnel, including some 20 prominent retired generals, urging Macron and his government to act against the dangers of Islamism and religious fanaticism that the military claimed might divide communities and prompt a “civil war” in the country.

The army hinted that it would intervene if the authorities failed to cease “laxity” in its policies.

Senior French military officials,…

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