UK Sends Navy Gunboats to Jersey to Prevent Blockade as Post-Brexit Fishing Row With France Spirals


Earlier, france threatened to cut off electricity to the island of jersey over delays in the issuing of fishing licenses to French boats under a new system, with the jersey Foreign Affairs Minister blaming the “confusing” post-Brexit trade deal negotiated between the UK and European Union last year for the impasse.

As tempers flare over post-Brexit fishing rights to waters around the largest Channel island, the UK is dispatching two Royal Navy river-class patrol boats to the area around Jersey amid fears of a blockade by French fishing vessels. A fleet of French boats is already on course for Jersey, reported Sky News.

The Portsmouth-based HMS Severn and HMS Tamar deployed on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, to Jersey, a Crown dependency, armed with cannons and two on-deck machine guns.

The deployment echoes the cod wars of the 1970s, which saw violent clashes between British vessels and Icelandic fishers. The move was announced by Downing Street as a “precautionary measure” ahead of planned protests by French fishermen at Jersey’s port of St. Helier, reported The Guardian.

​It also comes in the wake of France’s threat to cut off the island’s electricity; Jersey began issuing licenses to French boats under a new, post-Brexit system last week.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed “unwavering support” for Jersey, located 14 miles (22 km) off the coast of France, insisting on Wednesday…

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