Iran’s Zarif Says Leaked Tape Sparked ‘Domestic Infighting’, Touts ‘Synergy’ of Military & Diplomacy

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earlier ordered an investigation into the leak of an audiotape of Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s interview, not intended for public release, where he alleges that his diplomatic efforts within the government are overshadowed by the demands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has expressed deep regret over the potential fallout from a recently leaked audio of him expounding on the decision-making process in the Islamic republic.

In a post on his verified Instagram account, Zarif made the first official reference to published extracts of his conversation with Iranian economist Saeed Laylaz, where he alleged that the military wielded too strong a role over diplomacy efforts.

According to the top Iranian diplomat, the “main point” of his remarks in the audiotapes, the authenticity of which has not been denied by Tehran, is emphasising “the need for a smart adjustment of the relationship between these two wings” of Iran’s power.

Iran’s Foreign Minister underscored the importance of “setting priorities through legal structures and under the great purview of the supreme leader”.

Controversial Audiotapes

The publication of transcripts of Mohammad Javad Zarif’s interview, reportedly first obtained by London-based news outlet Iran International, was slammed by Hassan Rouhani as an attempt to sow ‘discord’ during ongoing Iran nuclear talks in Vienna.

Earlier, the Iranian President, according…

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