Norway Discovers Sunken Passenger Ship Hijacked by Nazis 82 Years Ago


On 10 May 1940, the Nazi-seized Hurtigruten DS Nord-Norge sank off Hemnesberget after a dramatic skirmish with the British Navy. Now, the ship has finally been localised and filmed by a drone – at a depth of 280 metres.

A Norwegian cruise ship hijacked by the Nazis and used as a Trojan horse in a false flag operation has been discovered on the seabed after 82 years.

The Hurtigruten DS Nord-Norge, which sank during the dark days of May 1940, was found off the coast of Hemnes at a depth of 280 metres, about 200 meters from the quayside by diving company Seløy Undervannsservice, teaming up with local divers, national broadcaster NRK reported.

Since this is too deep for divers, the company used underwater drones to obtain footage and make the necessary measurements. The divers have pledged to release the footage shortly.

The DS Nord-Norge was built in 1924, and was refurbished and put into traffic along a coastal route by Hurtigruten in 1936.

On 8 May 1940, following Hitler’s invasion of Norway, the Nord-Norge sailed out of the Trondheim Fjord, with 300 Austrian alpine hunters and marines on board. The ship was hijacked by the Nazis, and was to be used as a Trojan horse in the attack on Trondheim. The operation was approved by Hitler himself and was code-named “Operation Wild Duck”.

However, as it approached Hemnesberget, it was attacked by Scottish troops. Fierce fighting ensued, with heavy casualties on both…

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