European Parliament Wants SWIFT Shut-Off, Halt to Russian Energy Use ‘If Ukraine Aggression Continues’


Tensions in war-torn eastern Ukraine between Kiev and the breakaway Donbass republics escalated this spring after the Ukrainian government mobilised its troops, prompting Donbass leaders to express fears of a general offensive. Moscow, which serves as a guarantor of the Minsk peace agreements, has urged calm and warned Kiev against any escalations.

Over 50 European Parliament lawmakers have tabled a resolution proposing disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT payment system and halting the purchase of Russian oil and gas supplies if Moscow’s alleged “aggression and continued destabilisation of Ukraine, hostile behaviour towards and outright attacks on EU member states and societies” escalates into military action.

The resolution does not clarify what might provoke Russia to “invade” Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly urged the current government in Kiev to make good on its commitments under the Minsk peace accords.

The resolution goes on to blame Moscow for the deterioration of the security situation in eastern Ukraine, and criticises Russia for suspending “the right of innocent passage for warships and commercial vessels” through the Kerch Strait until 31 October. 

Calling opposition vlogger Alexei Navalny “Russia’s best known anti-corruption activist and opposition politician,” the resolution demands his immediate release, and calls for an investigation into the alleged “poisoning” and “assassination attempt” against…

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