US Reportedly Concerned that China Is Ready to ‘Flirt with the Idea of Unification’ with Taiwan

Although the US does not officially challenge Beijing’s position that Taiwan is part of China, Washington has been contacting Taipei directly and recently increased its navy activity in the Taiwan Strait under the pretext of ensuring free passage through it.

The United States administration is becoming increasingly concerned that Beijing might be ready to “take more risks” in relation to Taipei, with Chinese President Xi Jinping expected to embark on a third term, the Financial Times reported.

China appears to be moving from a period of being content with the status quo over Taiwan to a period in which they are more impatient and more prepared to test the limits and flirt with the idea of unification,” an unnamed senior US official told the outlet.

According to the official, the new US administration monitored Beijing’s behaviour for the past two months before reaching the conclusion.

The official said that the Biden administration is concerned that the Chinese president “sees capstone progress on Taiwan as important to his legitimacy and legacy.”

Top White House Asia official Kurt Campbell also told the FT that compared to other policy areas, China has been the most assertive in its approach to Taiwan.

“…nowhere have we seen more persistent and determined activities than the military, diplomatic and other activities directed at Taiwan,” he said.

Taiwan on the other hand doesn’t seem to share the concerns, as one senior Taiwanese official said there…

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