Blinken: US and its Allies Should Close Ranks to Deal With ‘Challenges’ Posed by Russia, China


Washington has ramped up threats of new sanctions and other restrictions against both Russia and China in recent weeks, characterising both nations as potential adversaries which threaten the US-dominated “rules-based international order.” President Joe Biden has also resorted to using derisive epithets to describe the two countries’ leaders.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the US will need to be able to act against China “from a position of strength” as the relationship between the two countries becomes more strained. 

“There are increasingly adversarial aspects to the relationship, there are certainly competitive ones,” Blinken said, speaking to CNN on Sunday.

The diplomat suggested that “dealing with” the challenges posed by China will require the US to develop a comprehensive approach in coordination with its allies.

In the interview, Blinken also touched on US relations with Russia, saying Washington was wrapping up its review of alleged Russian “malign activities” and would make Moscow pay a price.

Russia has vocally denied the range of US allegations levelled against it by the Biden administration in recent weeks, citing agenda-driven rhetoric and a lack of hard evidence in the hacking, election meddling, and Navalny poisoning claims, and dismissing outright the “Taliban bounties” claims reported by the US media, together with senior Trump administration officials and the Afghani…

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