Israeli Claims That Iran Committed ‘Environmental Terrorism’ Via Oil Spill Unfounded, Report Details

Thousands of volunteers and soldiers in israel recently came together to clear the remnants of an oil spill that saw massive globs of tar wash up along the Israeli state’s Mediterranean coastline. Amid the ongoing cleanup efforts, unsubstantiated claims that Iran deliberately caused the spill have run rampant.

Despite unfounded claims being voiced by Israeli government officials, a new report conducted by the state’s Channel 12 has recently determined that investigators have found no evidence to support allegations that Iran carried out “environmental terrorism” against its longtime foe.

The investigative report by the Israeli station also indicated that the country’s intelligence agencies were being tapped to dig further into the baseless anti-Iran allegations that have even been voiced by Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel, who initially stated the spill did not appear to be calculated before changing her opinion.

Earlier, The Jerusalem Post reported that officials with both the Mossad and the israel Defense Forces were “blindsided” by Gamliel’s accusations, as well as “frustrated by the lack of coordination within the government.”

“Now we have found that Iran doesn’t only carry out terror via nuclear weapons or via attempts to establish a presence on our borders. Iran carries out terrorism by damaging the environment,” she alleged.

On Thursday, Gamliel appeared on Army Radio and reiterated her claims, saying, “to say this…

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