Swedish Prime Minister Under Fire for Saying Afghan Stabbing ‘Not a Question of Immigration’


An Afghan man in his 20s was shot by Swedish police after a bloody knife attack in the town of Vetlanda that left seven people injured; he has been arrested on suspicion of several cases of attempted murder, but not charged with terrorism.

The Swedish authorities and media’s response to a stabbing attack that left several people fighting for their lives has raised eyebrows and sparked indignation. A knife-wielding Afghan-born man stabbed seven people in the southern town of Vetlanda, leaving three of them in critical condition.

The case is currently not being investigated as a terrorist crime, prosecutor Adam Rullman confirmed to national broadcaster SVT.

“He is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in several cases, seven to be precise,” Rullman said, citing an apparent lack of motive. Rullman also emphasised that the man has “a connection to another country”.

Criminologist Christoffer Carlsson called it a serious act of violence against random people, adding that they are rare, yet difficult to defend against. According to Carlsson, society can do a lot to prevent both terrorist acts and so-called insane acts, such as the attack in Vetlanda, but unfortunately it is impossible to eliminate it completely.

“But when it has gone so far that people go out to the street armed, then it is virtually impossible to defend yourself. Unfortunately, this is what a society must live with,” Carlsson told SVT.

The news outlet Fria Tider described…

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