Capitol Police Reportedly Ask National Guard to Stay in DC for Two More Months


About 20,000 armed National Guardsmen and women armed were deployed in Washington, DC in January in the aftermath of the 6 January riot at the Capitol complex. Troop numbers gradually came down since then, and there are now an estimated 5,200 National Guard personnel on duty in the US capital.

Capitol Police have asked the Pentagon to extend the deployment of the National Guard units stationed at the Capitol complex for two more months, Reuters and AP have reported, citing defence officials.

The extension request comes a day after the Capitol Police’s announcement Wednesday that it had received intelligence that an “identified militia group” may have hatched a plot to “breach the Capitol.” A similar warning by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security prompted the House of Representatives to rearrange its voting schedule.

On Tuesday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that she would not agree to an extension of the deployment of National Guard units from her state. About 1,000 Guard members from Michigan were sent to Washington, DC to assist with security after Joe Biden’s 20 January inauguration. Whitmer’s announcement followed reports that some 50 members of the Guard had become sick after being served undercooked or mouldy meals or food containing metal shavings. Six of the complaints were serious enough for troops to be hospitalised.

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