Tehran Accuses US of Profiting From ‘Blood Trade’ by Selling Saudi Coalition Weapons for Yemen War

Middle East

The Houthis managed to secure most of Marib on Wednesday, the government’s last stronghold in northern Yemen, which the militant group said the Saudi-led coalition had rushed Daesh* fighters into to defend.

In a pointed response to US accusations on Wednesday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry accused Washington of profiting from a “blood trade” by selling weapons to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen.

“The Americans [among them] cannot throw baseless accusations at others instead of being accountable for the atrocities,” Khatibzadeh added, according to PressTV. He further noted that as the Saudi-led coalition’s position slowly falls apart, “they still try to disavow responsibility for the atrocities and misdirect the public opinion.”

His comments come a day after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Iran of perpetuating the conflict by supporting the Houthis, which are formally known as Ansarallah.

“We will ensure Saudi Arabia and our regional partners have the tools they need to defend themselves, including against threats emanating from Yemen that are carried out with weapons and support from Iran,” he continued, adding the US was “working diligently” to end the conflict.

The US, a close partner of Saudi Arabia since the 1940s, has not only sold advanced weapons to the Saudis and other coalition members like the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Morocco, but also provided…

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