Daesh Women Suing Sweden for ‘Violation of Human Rights’


Sweden has been under pressure from the United Nations, who called on Stockholm to apply itself and take women and children with Swedish citizenship back from internment camps in Syria.

A number of former Daesh* brides currently stuck in internment camps in Syria are now suing Sweden in the European Court of Justice for “failure” to bring them “home”, which they consider a “serious violation” of their human rights.

The legal crew described the conditions at the al-Hol and Roj camps in northeastern Syria as “inhumane”, citing physical and sexual violence, lack of basic food products, poor sanitation, and inadequate medical care and referring to UN Special Envoy Fionnuala Ni Aolain equating it with torture.

The United Nations previously claimed that Sweden has a human rights obligation to retrieve former jihadis with Swedish passports, and Bratt now hopes the government will do so voluntarily.

“Hopefully, Sweden will soon respond to the call from the UN to take responsibility and help these people [return] home. The Swedish women and children in the camps are completely dependent on the Swedish state’s intervention to save them from the terrible situation they are in”, Bratt wrote.

The legal crew emphasised that the Foreign Ministry is as of today neither actively working for, nor interested in helping these women return to Sweden. By contrast, it stressed, several European states have complied with the UN’s demands and the requests by the Kurdish…

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