Swedish Democrat Leader After Beheadings in France: ‘Liberal Left Have Blood on Their Hands’


As france was described as the eye of the storm in the confrontation between secular societies and Islamist terrorism in the wake of recent attacks, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson accused the liberal left of allowing Islamism to grow and flourish across Europe.

In a scathing commentary on the latest terrorist attack in Nice, France, where three churchgoers were brutally murdered on Thursday, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has accused the liberal left leaders of the West of treacherous behaviour, incompetence, and unrealistic worldview, which, according to him, led to the rise of Islamist terror.

“Terrorism is on the rise in Europe again. We must fight back against this with force. We must protect our communities and citizens”, Åkesson said in a Twitter clip.

​According to Åkesson, protecting their citizens is the most important job politicians have.

“And it is obvious that the liberal left have failed miserably with this basic mission. They have allowed Islamism to establish itself and let it grow and flourish throughout Europe”, the Sweden Democrat leader said.

Senior Swedish terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish Defence College has ventured that the risk of new attacks has increased following the terrorist assault in Nice, suggesting that a cartoon scandal had further exacerbated tensions.

“It happens within the framework of a confrontation that is only escalating. In addition,…

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