Non-Aligned Movement Demands Israel Withdraw to 1967 Borders With Syria

Middle East

israel occupied about 1,200 sq km of Syria’s Golan Heights in 1967 after launching a surprise air attack against Damascus’s Egyptian allies and sparking the Six Day War in June of that year. In 1981, Tel Aviv formally annexed the territory. The UN condemned that decision as “null and void and without international legal effect.”

The 120 member-strong Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has issued a political declaration whose demands include israel withdrawing from occupied Syrian territories in the Golan Heights.

In addition, the NAM reiterated that “a just, lasting solution to the question of Palestine in all its aspects must remain its priority and also a permanent responsibility of the United Nations until it is satisfactorily resolved in all aspects in accordance with international law and the relevant United Nations resolutions.”

Established in 1961 at the height of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, the NAM was seen as an alternative to the idea of a bipolar world order of two competing military blocs. Today, the NAM consists of 120 member nations, with most countries in the Middle East and Africa, plus much of Latin America and Asia and several post-Soviet republics among its members. China, Mexico, Brazil and more than a dozen other countries serve as observers.

The Trump administration formally recognised Israeli “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights in March 2019….

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