Manhattan Project 2.0: US Military Launches Large-Scale Development to Counter Russia, China

The Manhattan Project resulted in one of the greatest breakthroughs that the American military achieved in the 20th century, giving the US an upper hand for several years in the form of the nuclear bomb. The new project isn’t lacking in ambition, as military chiefs count on the results giving the US a similar advantage as the nuke did in the past.

The US Navy and Air Force have united their efforts and, potentially, budgets to develop a brand new network that will connect all the units available to the two military branches, Chief of US Naval Operations Michael Gilday stated during a speech on 5 December.

The technology will allow these units to communicate with each other, sharing sensor data, namely on a potential adversary’s positions, movements, and actions. The reliability of the connection between every separate unit will be ensured by unmanned platforms, such as drones, E-2D Hawkeye aircraft, and even prospective vessels, like the so-called Future Frigate project.

“I think the biggest challenge for us is to join all the main command and control. We’re building netted weapons, netted platforms, and netted [command and control] nodes, but we don’t have an adequate net, and that’s a critical piece”, Gilday stated.

The new technology is expected to allow the US to spread out its forces while making the work of enemy intelligence and reconnaissance harder. Connected via this new network, even dispersed US forces will be able to respond to an attack on any of…

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