How Might Denmark, Other NATO States Profit From Russian Northern Sea Route by Ignoring US Policies?


The US, Denmark’s NATO ally, has recently been expressing concern over Russia’s increased activities and claims in the Arctic region, seeing it as a “security” issue. Washington has vowed to take steps to counter Russia’s “expansion” in the region.

Danish Ambassador to Russia Carsten Sondergaard has stated that the nation’s companies are interested in the Northern Sea Route (NSR), with the country itself recognising its importance not just for Russia, which is developing it, but also beyond.

“This is a vast region worth investing in. […] Of course, we understand that and see the prospects for the further development of this part of the world. But it is important that everything that happens in the region remains transparent and predictable. The market requires this for the Northern Sea Route”, Sondergaard said.

Speaking of transparency, the diplomat referred to new rules that Russia has applied to international shipping in the Northern Sea Route – all military vessels must notify of their passage in advance, while civilian ships not built in Russia need to receive permission from the government to use the route. He said that the matter needs to be addressed in the Arctic Council.

Business Opportunities for Denmark

Sondergaard hasn’t clarified what business opportunities Denmark sees in the NSR, but international shipping might become one. Denmark’s Maersk shipping company has namely earlier mulled using the route during some seasons. One…

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