US Fails to Take Hold of 50 ‘High-Value’ Daesh Inmates as Hundreds Escape From Kurds’ Jails – Report

The US military sought to take custody of some 50 imprisoned Daesh “high-value” members and relocate them for prosecution, but the Kurds have refused to hand them over. In the meantime, an estimated 500-750 purported Daesh family members have escaped from a Kurdish detention camp during the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

Syrian Kurdish forces are abandoning detention camps in Northern Syria, as Turkish and Turkish-backed Syrian forces advance on Kurdish positions, The New York Times reported Sunday.

In one incident, a major detention camp at Ain Eissa (Ayn Isa), located at the southernmost edge of the safe zone that Turkey seeks to establish in Syria was left unguarded after a Turkish airstrike, the report says, citing camp administrator Jalal al-Iyaf.

The chaos following the airstrike allowed over 500 reported relatives of Daesh fighters to escape. Kurdish officials also reported a Daesh flag displayed at an undisclosed location between the camp and the Turkish border. A Guardian report claimed the figure was closer to 750 escapees.

The US military has reportedly failed to take custody of at least 50 “high value” Daesh targets that were in Kurdish custody, after the Kurds refused to cooperate with the Americans who hastily retreated from the hot zone under President Trump’s order, the report says, citing two US officials.

US forces took custody of and relocated just two British-born Daesh fighters, from a loose-knit group dubbed the “Beatles,” because…

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