Norway Wary of Nordic Daesh Fighters Possibly Fleeing Syria In Event of New Combat – Academic

Middle East

NATO allies have increasingly expressed concern over Turkey pressing ahead with a new round of a military campaign in Syria, and most particularly, over Ankara’s hardline stance on the Kurds, whom it brands “terrorists”, while the latter took action against Daesh newcomers from Scandinavia.

After Ankara launched a new military operation against Syrian Kurds and remaining Daesh fighters in the area, Norway made a decision to block any new applications for export licenses for military and multi-use military products to Turkey adding it will also reconsider existing ones, the country’s Foreign Ministry stated. The move comes in the wake of a similar move by Helsinki.

The “strong reaction” followed what in Scandinavia has been deemed as “an unnecessary intervention” that may see new human rights violations as well as Nordic Daesh fighters fleeing from their captivity in the event of new combat, according to Dr Stig Jarle Hansen, associate professor and leader of the international relations programme at the Norwegian University of Life Science and one of the world’s leading experts on Islamism.

The expert believes it is vital to create some “negotiated settlement”, asserting that “what is now happening can create ‘serious reprecautions’ [sic], including aiding the re-growth of the Islamic

“They [Norway] are also afraid that Scandinavian Islamic State fighters will be able to flee from Kurdish…

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