Uighurs ask China: 'Show me my mother and father are alive'

Since Chinese state media released a video appearing to show a prominent Uighur musician alive, despite reports of his death, Uighur Muslims have flooded social media with requests for news of their missing relatives.

On 10 February, the footage released showed a man said to be Abdurehim Heyit stating he was in “good health”. The video came after Turkey criticised China’s mass detention of Uighurs in its far west, saying it had learned of Mr Heyit’s death in a camp.

Questions about the video’s authenticity and when it was filmed were raised by some Uighur groups. Now, using the hashtag #MeTooUyghur, relatives of detainees and activists have taken to Twitter and Facebook to ask the Chinese government to prove that their loved ones are still alive.

Up to a million Uighurs and other Muslims are believed to have been detained in detention centres that China says are for vocational training and necessary to fight terrorism.

Are they alive?

Alfred tweeted he’d not seen his parents for more than 11 months and wanted China to “show me they are still alive”.

Uighurs in China’s far-western Xinjiang region have come under intense surveillance by the Chinese authorities. Many Uighurs who live outside of China say they haven’t spoken to their family members in years.

Babur Jalalidin and his sister, also worried about the wellbeing of their parents,…

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