‘Welcome to 2084’: Norway’s Ex-Ambassador to KSA Warns of Islamic Censorship


Former Norwegian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Carl Schiøtz Wibye has argued that the worldwide Muslim campaign against critics of Islam was triggered by the Islamic backlash over cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, which was followed by the worldwide protests against the satirical French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The organisation Ex-Muslims of Norway, which by its own admission, fights for gender equality, integration, freedom of expression, human rights, the normalisation of “apostasy” and criticism of Islam, has accused Facebook of censorship after some of its posts were deleted.

According to the Norwegian news outlet Rights.no, Ex-Muslims of Norway leader Cemal Yucel Knudsen was banned from Facebook for a week for allegedly violating the community standards by posting a meme about the hijab.

In the pic shared by Knudsen, a Muslim mother tells her son that the hijab is her free choice. When asked what would happen if she chooses not to wear it, she comes with the following explanation: “First, your daddy will kick me in the gut. My family will disown me and friends will talk s**t about me. After I die, Allah will burn me in hell.”

​Ex-Muslims of Norway bills itself as congregation of atheists, free thinkers, humanists, agnostics and former Muslims.

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Former Norwegian ambassador to Saudi Arabia and author of the book “The Kingdom of Terror” Carl Schiøtz…

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