US Should Stop Interfering in the Internal Matters of Others – Chinese Embassy

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Beijing has claimed that the US, by accusing China of unleashing a “debt trap,” is making an attempt to sow discord between China and countries like India.

China has issued a strong statement condemning the recent speech of US Vice President Mike Pence wherein he accused China of “military aggression, commercial theft, and human rights violations.” China has said that before making groundless accusations, the US should reflect on its own practice of interfering in the internal matters of other countries.

Ji Rong, spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, issued a statement Wednesday claiming that it is the US that has been provoking trade disputes and that China’s response is legitimately that of self-defense.

“[The] US should reflect on its own practice of interfering in the internal affairs of developing countries such as China and India under the pretext of human rights and religious matters,” Ji Rong said on Wednesday.

The trade friction between China and the US has drawn widespread attention recently. The statement issued by the Chinese Embassy to the Indian media comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited China on October 8.

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China has once again reiterated that the US should stop making troubles and creating tensions in East Asia and respect the efforts of relevant parties…

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