Tommy Robinson Infuriated by UK Army’s Probe Into Photos of Him With Soldiers


Earlier this week, Tommy Robinson, a right-wing activist and founder of the English Defense League (EDL), posted a video and a series of photographs of himself surrounded by a group of soldiers.

The Rebel Media website, where Tommy Robinson used to work, has mounted a petition to “stop the political witch hunt against British troops” after the army launched an investigation into soldiers posing with the right-wing activist for a photo and a video, in which the men could be heard cheering and yelling his name.

According to the petition’s description, which will eventually be delivered to the chief of the defense staff, General Nick Carter, the probe was launched after the Muslim Council of the UK “complained” to the army over the photo.

Infuriated by the investigation, the right-wing activist urged people to sign the petition to show that the British public would not tolerate politically motivated persecution of the young men, who had the right to express their own freedom.

“I’ve never been charged or arrested for any racial or religious extremism ever in my life. There are false tags put on me by media and government. So, how can you discipline – not just discipline – but take their phones and investigate them, investigate these young men for having a photo taken, for expressing their own freedom? Do our armed services have a list of who you cannot have your photo taken with?”…

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