Militants Brought Chlorine Gas to Idlib to Stage Chemical Attack – Russian MoD

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Terrorists from the Tahrir al-Sham group transported several barrels of chlorine gas to the village of Basankul, in Syria’s province of Idlib, to stage a false-flag chemical attack, according to a Saturday statement from the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Syrian Reconciliation.

“Militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham delivered several containers with chlorine in the settlement of Basankul in Idlib province,” head of Russia’s Center for Syrian Reconciliation Lt. Gen. Vladimir Savchenko said on Saturday. The center urges leaders of opposition armed groups to refrain from provocations which undermine the political process, he added.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov said that that terrorists controlling Idlib were carrying out attacks on Syrian government forces with the help of resources received from outside of Syria. According to Lavrov, the situation in the region is further complicated by the terrorists use of civilians as human shields.

Lavrov said on Friday that Russia has been providing daily updates of preparations being made by terrorists to stage a chemical attack in Idlib.

“We provide on a daily basis the facts proving that another provocation, which is likely to be carried out by the so-called White Helmets, is being prepared,” Lavrov stressed.

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The Syrian government has…

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