Northern Command Actively Supporting FEMA Hurricane Efforts

U.S. Northern Command, the National Guard and military services are actively supporting Federal Emergency Management Agency along with state and local responders in the wake of Hurricane Florence’s landfall.

“We have quite literally surrounded the affected area with [Defense Department] capability that will be critical in hours and days following the storm’s impact. Secretary [Jim] Mattis’ guidance to me is clear: We are anticipating the needs,” said Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, North American Aerospace Defense Command and Northcom commander said yesterday in a release. “We are moving forward under our own authorities to be able to respond as soon as a request is made.”

Saving lives and mitigating suffering is a top priority and military forces are well-positioned to respond immediately, the release said.

Below is an updated summary of DoD support to FEMA, state and local partners. Northcom serves as the overall synchronizer of all DoD support to FEMA.

— As requested, Northcom provides support via sea, air and land. It has identified a total of nine military installations as FEMA staging areas for equipment and relief supplies including: Fort AP Hill and Fort Lee, Virginia; Fort Bragg and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina; North Auxiliary Airfield and Shaw Air…

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