Iran Slams French Police for Slow Response to Kurdish Activists’ Embassy Attack


Iranian Kurdistan supporters attempted a forceful entry to the country’s embassy in Paris closely on the heels of Iranian military command firing a range of missiles at a location of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in the north of Iraq.

Iran accused pro-Kurdish activists of attacking its embassy in Paris on Saturday and lambasted French law enforcement for arriving too late to the scene.

According to a report by Fars News Agency, around 15 Kurdish activists burned the Islamic Republic’s flag on Friday and smashed a number of windows with stones. Despite going still further to throw fire extinguishers and computers at the entrance gate, the activists did not manage to enter the building.

Addressing the incident, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi complained about the French police failing to arrive duly to the scene, adding that “the assailants were members of a terrorist organization,” he said, as quoted by the state news agency IRNA, adding that some of the attackers were subsequently arrested.

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The embassy attack follows shortly after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired as many as seven short-range missiles last week at a gathering of the Iranian Kurds (the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan) in northern Iraq. Separately, according to Nedaa, Iran carried out the death sentence…

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