What is a Bigger Threat to France, Islamisation or NATO 2030 Doctrine?

The problem of France’s Islamisation stems from the Cold War era, when Islamists were used by NATO allies as a tool against the Soviet bloc, says French politician Karel Vereycken, warning that now the transatlantic alliance is about to drag france into bigger trouble.

Earlier this month, conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles published an open letter signed by active French soldiers who warned that the country was heading for “civil war” because of a growing Islamist threat.   

The letter released by the magazine on 9 May echoed a previous one, published by the same media outlet on 21 April and signed by active officers and retired generals. The senior military brass warned that Islamists had been taking over large parts of the country’s territory.

President Macron and France’ Ministry of Defence denounced both letters as a “crude political scheme”, with the French Army’s Chief of Staff General Francois Lecointre hinting that the signatories should quit the armed forces. For her part, Marine Le Pen, a candidate in next year’s presidential election and head of the political party National Rally, supported the service members’ concerns.

The French Military’s Letters & Macron’s Fight Against Islamism  

The timing of these warnings could be linked to the upcoming 2022 elections and it can’t be ruled out that some of the military personnel who signed the letters are sympathisers of Marine Le Pen, suggests Karel Vereycken, a political analyst and vice president of…

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