As US Rebrands Bases Named After Confederates, What Other Nation Would Have Honoured Traitors?

.The US military has been given up to three years to rename 10 army bases and two navy ships which honour Confederate generals or their achievements.

Congress voted in January to override then President Donald Trump’s veto of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act.

Trump had vetoed the act – which approved US$740 billion of defence spending – because Senator Elizabeth Warren had included a provision to rename bases such as Fort Bragg, which are named after Confederate leaders.

The Pentagon has now set up an eight-member panel, the snappily-titled Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorate the Confederate States of America or Any Person Who Served Voluntarily with the Confederate States of America.

The commission will now set to work coming up with appropriate new names for the bases, as well as two US Navy ships – the Maury, which is named after oceanographer Matthew Fontaine Maury, who served in the Confederate Navy, and the USS Chancellorsville, a guided-missile cruiser which is named after an 1863 battle which was a great Confederate victory.

So what are these bases and who are they named after?

Fort Bragg (North Carolina)

Probably the most important base on the list is Fort Bragg, which was created in September 1918 by the Chief of Field Artillery, General William J. Snow.

The US Army’s website says it was “named for a native North Carolinian Gen. Braxton Bragg for his actions during the Mexican-American war.”


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