Derek O’Brien: ‘All parties make mistakes… We are quietly confident. Didi’s credibility will see us through’

O’Brien says EC must answer for firing that killed four, clarifies party’s position on the insider-outsider debate, asks why Abhishek Banerjee has not been arrested if charges against him true, and says parties now need men like Prashant Kishor. The session was moderated by Special Correspondent Dipankar Ghose.

DIPANKAR GHOSE: Six of eight phases of polling are done in West Bengal. Where do you think this election stands right now?

We have been focused on our campaign. We are saying that in the last 10 years, the Mamata Banerjee government has delivered on many parameters — health, education, road, infrastructure, electricity, employment, IT, women’s safety. We are also saying that in the last 10 years, we haven’t done it all. On the other side, you have the BJP. You judge them on the promises made and the promises they have kept. This is the basic proposition. The BJP wants to make comments, indulge in bluster and big talk and play mind games. We haven’t been into that. The bottom line is if you are fighting the world’s most destructive political force…you have to acknowledge that they have the money. And I dare say that they found a new ally. We always knew it was a hidden ally, but in the last two weeks the extremely compromised Election Commission (EC) has come out openly as their ally.

DIPANKAR GHOSE: While you attacked the Prime Minister for holding rallies even as the Covid-19 caseload was rising, the Trinamool also wasn’t very prompt…

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