Why Kiev’s Preparation for War in Eastern Ukraine Cannot but Worry Russia

Over the last week, the Russian officials have been vocal about the dramatic increase in tensions in eastern Ukraine, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that the situation in the war-hit country remains “unstable” and stressing that full-scale hostilities could resume.

The Minsk peace agreements, inked in 2015, stipulate preserving the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for granting a special status for Russian native speakers, as well as the decentralization of the special status in the regions and the withdrawal of military hardware from the line of contact, among other points. However, the resumption of hostilities could mean Ukraine’s automatic exit from the Minsk accords.

Kiev authorities have been beefing up a military presence near the borders of the breakaway republics, with President Zelensky claiming that the accepting Ukraine into NATO is the only way out of the incipient military crisis.

In the past seven years, the animosity towards Russia in Ukraine has become rampant, with authorities in the country showing an unwillingness to counteract various militia groups with neo-Nazi links and conducting show trials of reporters and media who dare to raise their voices against Kiev policy.

Neo-Nazi Groups in Ukraine

Since the 2014 coup, political organizations associated with neo-Nazis have attempted to enter Ukrainian mainstream politics, with most gaining notoriety for belligerent rhetoric toward the population of the country’s east, as…

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