FloatyBois and Homo Spaciens: Check Out List of 400 Possible Nicknames for US Space Force Members

It turns out that many Americans cannot figure out the actual purpose of the newly created sixth branch of the US military, and these expressive nickname suggestions partly reflect this, including the simple and clear “I do not know”.

US Space Force members could have been called “FloatyBois”, “Space Marines”, “Wookies” or even “Astrogators”, according to a list published by Politico Friday, among a total of 400 possible nicknames submitted by military space personnel.

It probably could have been much more amusing, since some of the nicknames suggested were “STARgeants”, “Anti-Gravity Gang”, “SFs”, “Spacies” and “Nothings”. And some are much geekier than the conventional “guardians”, like “Daleks”, “Stormtroopers”, “Space Cadets”, “Startrekkers” and “Paladins”, among others.

Some proposals were apparently inspired by astronomy and the history of space exploration, suggesting names like “Astra”, “Celestians”, “Cosmos”, “Homo Spaciens”, and “Helion”. Some apparently referred to the glory of Rome and proposed “Legionarii”, “Vigils” – deriving from Vigilis “Guardian” in Latin – and “Gladiators”, which, perhaps, would not meet Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond’s requirement that the name for the space military personnel be gender-neutral.

In order to capitalize on how the military branch has a similar mission, some legislators reportedly wanted the service to embrace Navy ranks: to protect and defend American interests in an isolated and austere climate. The…

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