Talk is Cheap Mr President – You Will Be Defined by Your Actions

While listening to US President Joe Biden address his country and the world during his strictly controlled and carefully choreographed Inauguration Ceremony on Wednesday the axiom that chimed loudest in my mind was the time-served truth – Actions Speak Louder than Words.

The speech was very good and even well delivered by a man not noted for oratorical skills. The sentiments expressed were powerful and inspiring. His acknowledgement of the challenges ahead was refreshing in its scope. But in the context of an unprecedented ceremony requiring 25,000 National Guard troops to protect it and barely fourteen days after the building and steps they occupied had been invaded by an armed mob determined to overturn his election in the belief it was rigged Biden too had to be aware of the central fact that he will be judged by his actions not his words in dealing with the present state of the nation:

Unfortunately, over 70 million Americans voted for Trump’s menu of intolerant white supremacism, nationalism, hate and racism. According to reputable opinion polls and informed sources half of those Republican voters believe Trump won the election, almost 40 million people, while 45% of them supported the violent assault on Washington on 6th January and 57% want Trump as their candidate again in four years’ time. 

A man who was exposed irrefutably as a serial liar and promoter of racism and white supremacist ultra-nationalism while he ignored and undermined the scientific…

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