Chief Warrant Officer Claude Faucher, 2020 Male Masters Athlete of the Year

At about age 10, 17 Wing Winnipeg Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Claude Faucher decided he liked to run. By 12, he was competing in his first 25 kilometre road race. When he hit high school, he discovered track and field. The rest, as they say, is history.

CWO Faucher was recently named the 2020 Masters Athlete of the Year by Athletics Manitoba, for outstanding performance during the 2019-2020 cross country and indoor season.

This new award comes on the heels of him receiving the Canadian Armed Forces’ Sports Honour Roll in 2019, an award that recognizes a lifetime of dedication to a sport that has taken CWO Faucher around the world to compete for Canada as both a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a civilian.

“Fitness is a big part of the military lifestyle and everyone needs to find the program that works for them,” said CWO Faucher. “Find your niche, work at it and fitness will follow. For me, running and the cross training that comes with being a high performance athlete have kept me fit.”

Over the years CWO Faucher has moved back and forth between road racing and track and field. As he reached the Masters level and continued to compete in track and field, he readily admits it has taken hard work and determination to keep up the level of fitness that led to this award.

“As you age, your body ages, and demands change in routine and fitness programs,” he said. “What you could do at 25 you can’t necessarily do at the Masters level. You have to…

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