US Intends to Force China to ‘Fire First Shot’ Over Taiwan, Military Analysts Say

A US military aircraft appeared in the skies over Taiwan on Sunday, which was suspected of taking off from a Taiwan-based airfield and flew to Japan, although the Taiwan “air force” said it was against the facts.

The incident took place as the island’s military claims that the Chinese mainland does not possess “enough capabilities” to launch an all-out attack on Taiwan.

Mainland experts warn that Washington is provoking Beijing to fire the first shot, and that current tensions could further escalate.

An EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft has been spotted in the northern “airspace” of Taiwan and flew to Japan over the East China Sea on Sunday and this unusual flight-path showed that the aircraft potentially took off from an airport on the island, according to information released by the website of the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI), a Beijing based think tank. 

According to the SCSPI, the aircraft was spotted in the south of the island conducting a reconnaissance mission in the South China Sea a day earlier, but with no landing signals showing it returned to the US’ Kadena air force base in Okinawa, which means that the US aircraft may have not returned to Okinawa but landed on Taiwan island instead. The Chinese mainland warned this incident could be a serious provocation toward China and may escalate tensions.

However, Taiwan “air force command” responded on Monday that the information released by the SCSPI is “totally against the facts,”…

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