Photos: UK Confirms Discovery of Lost WWII-Era Submarine Off Maltese Coast


The HMS Urge, a British U-class submarine previously missing for 77 years, has been located off the coast of Malta by a team of researchers, according to the UK Ministry of Defense.

The UK’s Royal Navy (RN) announced Thursday that a decades-old WWII mystery had been put to rest after Canadian naval researcher Platon Alexiades, University of Malta Classics and Archaeology Professor Timmy Gambin and a team of students accompanied by Francis Dickinson, the grandson of the Urge’s commanding officer, worked in tandem with British historians and confirmed the sub had been located at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Sitting defiantly upright on the seabed of the Mediterranean more than 400 feet down, her bow buried in the ocean floor, her deck gun facing forward, her hull encrusted with marine life, this is the last resting place of 44 souls,” the RN release read.

For the past two decades, research teams from the University of Malta have been surveying the seas around the archipelago to find the submarine. However, researchers did not extensively scour the area in question until Dickinson requested they do so this past summer.

Gambin, the leader of the university’s research mission, told Malta’s Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) that his team was able to locate a figure that resembled a submarine at a depth of approximately 425 feet (130 meters). A further search from an unmanned, remote diving vessel confirmed that the object was not only a…

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