Zlatan Ibrahimovic Under Fire for Sharing Islamist’s Post About ‘Scientific Racism’


The Swedish star striker, one of the most decorated footballers ever, has irked his local fans by sharing a post by a notorious Islamist who has previously refused to distance himself from Daesh*.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has accused the Swedish media and Swedes in general of racism before, has sparked strong reactions with his protracted feud with the Swedish football team’s national team coach Janne Andersson.

In a recent interview with Expressen, Ibrahimovic attacked Andersson, claiming that he has destroyed everything he has built in 20 years and accusing him of deliberately leaving out players with a non-Swedish background, such as himself.

In support of his stance, Ibrahimovic retweeted a link to an Instagram post by notorious Islamist Rashid Musa, lauding it as a “good take”.

​In his post, Rashid Musa accused coach Janne Andersson of excluding black- and brown-skinned players from team Sweden, which he called “structural racism”. Musa also attacked a number of journalists who came to Andersson’s defence and suggested that he has chosen players to can take a collective responsibility, work for the team and can take directives from the coach, by accusing them of determining the players’ qualities based on race and thereby applying “scientific racism”.

Rashid Musa is the chairman of Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM). The organisation has previously been criticised for having links with the Muslim Brotherhood and regularly inviting…

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